Alpine Retreat And Pleasure Palace

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About Us

Who is Albert?

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Our namesake, Prince Albert, was born in Bavaria in the infamous Schloss Rosenau. He was Queen Victoria’s sweetheart, and championed truth, beauty, freedom, and love.

Queen Victoria was launched into years of mourning by his untimely death, and so as a tribute to the love of her life, Victoria renamed many streets, town squares and landmarks in his honour after his passing. One such building was Albert Hall built in Manchester city centre in 1908. Inspired by the beautiful architecture and by Prince Albert’s passion for art, music and literature we decided to create our own tribute.

Albert’s Schloss represents Prince Albert’s Bavarian heritage, his connections to many famous European Schloss and his love of art, music and celebration.

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But what is a Schloss?


A castle, palace or manor house: built as a retreat for recreation, indulgence, pleasure, and debauchery.

Albert’s Schloss celebrates the beloved Prince Albert’s values every day, and all night long. 

We’ve built a retreat from the modern world where we invite you to discover new things, celebrate one another, and revel in the wunder of our Schloss.

We’re influenced by Neuschwanstein Castle, the most recognisable symbol of Bavaria, and by our travels across Alpine Europe; whilst visiting, expect roaring fires, raucous performances, tankards of Europe’s finest bier, and endless naughtiness.

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Albert's Schloss showcases the very best of European biers including Paulaner Munich, Stiegl Goldbrau, and Erdinger Weissbrau.

However, our pride and joy are the copper tanks that adorn our main bar area. Why? Bier is always best in the cellar of the brewery, but not everyone can get to the Czech Republic, so every week we make a 1,500 mile round trip to the Pilsner Urquell brewery in Plzeň, just outside Prague, to fill them. It’s the greatest Pilsner in the world, and it deserves to be served fresh.

But this Palace wasn’t built on bier alone. Our team have carefully curated a cocktail liste using the finest spirits and liqueurs from across Europe, we distil our very own Alpine Schnapps and our sommeliers work hard to maintain an on-trend wine liste with influences from France, Italy, and beyond. 

As well as our wunderbar drinks selection, our Cook Haus menu serves up indulgent alpine dishes all day long including traditional European fare such as Schweinshaxe, Spätzle and Fondue with a modern Schloss Twist. Join us at the table, it’s time to dine Alpine.