Alpine Retreat And Pleasure Palace





Our master bakers arrive bright and early every morning to create artisan baked goods for the Schloss.

We stick to traditional techniques, ensuring all of our bakes remain fresh and natural. Did you know, it takes 25 hours to make a loaf of sourdough from scratch?

The Schloss bakers never fail to deliver our daily bread, alongside haus-made pretzels and specialty pastries.


To make our pretzels, fresh dough is rolled and twisted into shape before taking a dunk in lye water, giving them that proper pretzel shine.

A sprinkle of sea salt is added and then it’s time to bake.

Best enjoyed warm with plenty of pickles, haus-mustard, bier cheese sauce and an ice cold Pilsner. Choose from our haus classic, bacon + cheese or our spicy jalapeño popper options. Knot to be missed.

Schnapps ist schnapps

Our Artisan Schnapps are all lovingly distilled in-haus. We have a designated schnapps distillery in each palace, in which our schnapps are uniquely made using an authentic Alpine recipe, inspired by the Himbeergeist technique.

Try our Alpine Kreations and choose between raspberry, salted caramel, wild strawberry as well as exciting seasonal flavours. Don’t worry if you can’t decide, our ski shot fits 20 schnapps, meaning you can taste several of each flavour.